Support for manufacturers

According to the Construction Products Directive, any product which is produced for incorporation in a permanent manner in construction works, including both buildings and civil engineering works, and which is placed on the European internal market, must have a CE mark.
One of the declared aims of Eurocodes is to determine the mechanical resistance, stability and fire resistance of structural components and kits in the declared values and other information associated with obtaining CE marking under the Directive. More detailed information on this is set out in Use of EN Eurocodes in technical specifications for structural products’, which is part 3 of the European Commission’s Guidance Paper L on Application and use of Eurocodes
Manufacturers of structural components and kits thus need to engage the services of professional civil or structural design engineers to obtain CE marking. Those engineers need to be sufficiently trained in and familiar with Eurocodes and the Construction Products Directive - and the support resources on this website are primarily intended to enable them to do this.
However, manufacturers may also find many of the resources on this site, particularly the general introductory courses and publications and pages covering CE marking, of use to their own staff. You can search for general support resources by selecting 'all Eurocodes' in search criteria, or find pages and resources relevant to CE marking by entering 'CE marking' in the keyword search field.

Last updated - 15 January 2007