Support for clients

Clients who commission Eurocode-compliant design can be assured of the structural integrity and safety of their buildings and infrastructure. Conceived and developed over the past 30 years with the combined expertise of the member states of the European Union, the Eurocodes are arguably the most advanced structural codes in the world.
All European public-sector clients are legally required to commission Eurocode-compliant structural designs by March 2010 and many have already done so.   
Private sector clients can continue to use any effective design methods they chose. However, as most existing national structural design codes will be withdrawn by March 2010, Eurocodes will be the only generally recognised codes available within Europe. As most European civil and structural engineering designers and building control officer will be experienced in Eurocodes by March 2010 - many already are - the sourcing and checking of non-Eurocode-compliant designs could prove increasingly costly and time-consuming for clients. Our advice is thus to insist on Eurocodes.
When commissioning Eurocode-compliant designs, it is important for clients to check that their designers are sufficiently trained in and familiar with Eurocodes. The support resources on this website are primarily intended to enable designers to do this. But clients may also find many of them, particularly the general introductory courses and publications, of use to their own staff.
You can search for general support resources by specifying 'all Eurocodes' in search criteria.  

Last updated - 15 January 2007