Eurocode 3 , Part 1-3 , BS EN 1993-1-3

General – Cold formed thin gauge members and sheeting

Supplementary to Part 1-1. Supplementary provisions for the structural design by calculation and design assisted by testing of steel building structures comprising cold formed steel members and profiled sheets, made from coated or uncoated thin gauge hot or cold rolled sheet or strip.

UK status

Green BS code and national annex kit published on 28/02/2009

Part of Eurocode:

EN 1993 Eurocode 3 Steel

Part of packages:

3/1  Design of steel building and civil engineering structures (excluding bridges, silos, tanks and pipelines, steel piling, crane supporting structures, and towers and masts)
3/3  Design of steel silos, tanks and pipelines
3/4  Design of steel piling
3/5  Design of steel crane-supporting structures
3/6  Design of steel towers and masts
4/1  Design of composite steel and concrete building and civil engineering structures (excluding bridges)

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