Eurocode 1 , Part 2 , BS EN 1991-2

Traffic loads on bridges

Assessment of imposed loads associated with road traffic, pedestrian actions and rail traffic including dynamic effects, centrifugal, braking, acceleration and accidental forces, to be used for the structural design of road, railway and pedestrian/cycle bridges. Guidance on combinations with non-traffic loads and other actions on road and railway bridges, and loads on parapets.

UK status

Green BS code and national annex kit published on 30/05/2008

Part of Eurocode:

EN 1991 Eurocode 1 Actions

Part of packages:

2/2  Design of concrete bridges
3/2  Design of steel bridges
4/2  Design of composite steel and concrete bridges
5/2  Design of timber bridges

BS standards superseded: BS 5400-1,2

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